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SG Design Technologies Receives Official U.S. Patent for the
Aligned Parts Assembly System!
APAS Automation (SG Design Technologies, LLC) is proud to announce it has received full issuance for a U.S.
Patent for the Aligned Parts Assembly System. Bart Storrs, President of SG Design Technologies had this to
"We are extremely excited to accomplish this major milestone in bringing to market this revolutionary
manufacturing system. It has been four and a half years in the making, but we finally have t
he patent. Now
we can move forward and help out those manufacturers looking for a competitive edge.
" If you are looking
for an alternative to cheap overseas labor, let us introduce you to APAS, the next big thing in manufacturing.

Dec. 2010

APAS makes Top 15 of Invented in Utah Contest!
The Aligned Parts Assembly System (APAS) has made it into the top 15 out of over 125 applicants for the
2009 Invented In Utah Contest.  Inventions were judged for usefulness, manufacturability, and relevance.
Come stop by our display at the
Invented in Utah 2009 Gala on Thursday April 29 to learn more about APAS.  
- April 2009

DARPA Accepts White Paper; SG Design Technologies Submits Full
Proposal for APAS
August 2006, SG Design Technologies submitted a white paper proposal for APAS to DARPA in response to
BAA 06-34: DISRUPTIVE MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES.  After a successful review SG Design
Technologies was asked to submit a full proposal.  This was a major milestone in the development of what
could be the start of a major paradigm shift for the manufacturing industry.
- August 2006

SG Design Technologies Receives Patent Pending for APAS
SG Design Technologies has received patent pending status for the Aligned Parts Assembly System. This is a
huge step toward protection of our intellectual property and moving forward with the prototypes and on into
production. To view the pending patent,
click here. - May 2006

Aligned Parts Assembly System - Save Up to 90% of Assembly
Labor Costs!
SG Design Technologies is proud to announce the latest project that will reshape manufacturing as we know
it! "The Aligned Parts Assembly System (
APAS) has the potential to revolutionize assembly operations in which
injection molded parts are used...America cannot afford to waste the money and time associated with these
unnecessary manufacturing steps. Our competitiveness depends on using our creative capabilities to improve
manufacturing. The Aligned Parts Assembly System   is one of those creative innovations, like Ford’s assembly
line, that can significantly improve the manufacturing advantage of the United States"
- Dr. A. Brent
Strong, - March 2006
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